Flashback: 2014 Resolutions

The following is the list of resolutions I posted in January of 2014, with revisions to bring these goals up to speed.

  1. Lose twenty more pounds. That makes it 185. This is gonna be difficult, considering I have successfully plateaued around 200ish pounds. Well, this one backfired. At the time of this blog post, I was at about 205 on average. Today, I’m probably stuck closer to 220, and not liking it. This resolution still applies, but with focus on comfort, not weight.
  2. Finish the first draft of The Cell. “The Cell” is the code name I’ve been using for the first book of the series I am writing with my roommate. By “with”, I mean I’m doing all the work. -.- It is killing me. Still in progress! In 2015, I wrote ten complete chapters for The Cell before work and life beat me back down. Seldom does a day go by that I’m not drafting scenes in my mind, so now I just have to start typing again.
  3. Buy a car. My tax return probably won’t be all that exciting, but maybe it will be just enough to get me closer if I pinch every penny… I’ve since scrapped this resolution, for a few reasons. First and foremost, insurance is obscenely expensive, and I refuse to sink my income into insuring something I won’t have to use everyday, for everything. My bike and I are still getting by just fine. A car is still in the uncertain future.
  4. Go back for the dogs. My dad wants us to come back in the Spring, and my roommate is really jazzed about going, and has apparently been saving money for it (since I can’t), but I don’t know if the other pieces of the giant puzzle are going to cooperate. There is a lot involved… Another resolution I’ve scrapped. The original idea was to bring my big dogs home to Khamryn’s house, where there is a yard. Two years later, the house remains unfinished, and the dogs are better off in Iowa where they have room to roam. I realize now that the unselfish thing to do would be to let the dogs be somewhere that there is space. The situation still isn’t perfect, but it’s better than what I thought was the right thing in the beginning.
  5. Do. Not. Dye. Your. Hair. It’s limp and thin and sad and I think about it every day. I feel like I’ve ruined my hair; like I literally have half as much as I used to. It is a constant source of sick anxiety. I dyed it a few more times, but I started using an ammonia free hair dye by an amazing product line called Shea Moisture. My hair has since grown several inches, is a little more resilient everyday, and doesn’t depress me quite as much. I don’t really dye it anymore now. I’m more focused on growth than anything else.
  6. Replace or repair your computer, and a equip a webcam and video editing software. I wanna start video blogging. Also, my laptop is geriatric and it needs updating. Daniel sold me his old PC in later 2014, if memory serves. I think I still owe him two hundred dollars, ha. I still want the vlogging stuff though.
  7. Blog at least once a week. I am totally failing at this one, but consider this my promise to rectify the matter. Still relevant. I’ll get one this one.
  8. Get your GED. I have the prep book, but I have no idea where or when the classes are, so I need to get the fuck on that. I can’t get a good job without at least a GED on my resume, and once the lease is up, Jennifer and I can’t get a house to keep my dogs in unless I can pitch in, which I definitely cannot do with $8/hr. and less than 40 hours a week. Check. I completed the GED in one go, in March of this year, just before turning twenty-nine the next month. I’m glad I don’t have to fuckin’ hear about it anymore. Oh, and I make more money now, but it has nothing to do with that godforsaken GED.
  9. Start drawing again. I can barely sketch anymore. I used to be really good. What happened? Still relevant. Natasha and I started Bullet Journaling, but she is much more adept. I really have to get back to myself.
  10. Find online courses to begin the next step in your education. After the GED, I should probably do that college thing. I hear it helps smart people have futures. That costs money and takes time and focus I haven’t mastered yet. I’ll get to it.
  11. Save a million dollars by couponing for groceries. I have a friend on Facebook who  is a semi-pro. I wanna try my hand at it, especially since I wouldn’t feel right getting food stamps. Nik is still a pro, but I don’t think it’s for me. They don’t make coupons for fresh produce and bulk items. I’ve got an efficient enough shopping system, I’ll be fine. I do try to be a smart shopper when I can, however.
  12. Read one Kindle book a month, and start reading the books on the red shelf in between every month. I’m doing good on this one, except I haven’t picked up a book yet from my red shelf. Maybe I’ll go do that now. I don’t think I read basically at all in the last year, save a couple books and the incident wherein I read everything Gillian Flynn has ever written. I’m trying to get back on the horse now, and I’m doing okay. I’m optimistic.
  13. Get health insurance. Seriously. Although, I have no idea how to do this without a better job… Check! My new position is full time with health benefits from Cigna. I do okay, but it could be better.
  14. Replace your glasses. It’s been over a year, and I can feel that my prescription needs updating. I also want to talk to a doctor about corrective lenses. Maybe I can get my sans-glasses sight back. Check! I now renew my prescription every year, and have been in the habit of adding a new set every time I go. I’ve got a set now for at home, at work, and prescription sun. I’m just really into my Ray Ban life. Ha.
  15. See an OB/GYN; check-up, birth control. I’ve never been to one. Shut up, I know, it’s been way too long for me not to have seen one. I hate doctors. Anyway, I need to start being more responsible about my reproductive health, and I think I owe it to my relationship and my sanity to investigate other methods of BC outside of latex and paranoia. Check, check, check! I now have a primary care physician, a GYN, a gastroenterologist, and an orthopedist. I don’t really see the last two. They’re expensive and I’m putting them off, and really the orthopedist is only because a car hit me (again) this year. As for birth control, I passed my one year anniversary with the Mirena IUD in March of this year.
  16. Start thanking same-sex couples for holding hands in public. I have done this once already, with an adorable girl/girl couple who held hands as they walked back into the garage from the courthouse. They were very sweet, and seemed genuinely touched when I thanked them for not being afraid to show affection in public, when so many members of the Community still are. This one is a little pretentious, but I remember where it came from. How about we just be kinder to each other in general?
  17. Dance. Meaning Just Dance 4; it used to be my cardio. It needs to be again. Yes, I need to set my Kinect up again, ugh.
  18. Speak and text Spanglish as much as possible when dealing with Spanish speakers, to take a few steps closer to bilingualism. I was going to do this with Daniel, but he seems to believe this is a useless pursuit, so while he’s eating a pile of shit, I’ll just have to find someone else. Daniel is still a huge asshole, and I’ve all but given up.

Resolutions for 2017 soon to come.


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