My new friend gave me a book.

Here’s a list of things I like:

  1. Writing things down.
  2. Writing utensils, for writing things down.
  3. Paper, on which to write things down.
  4. Lists.
  5. Writing lists.
  6. Lists about lists.

There’s this book, it’s called The 52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration. It’s a lot classier than some of the cheaper books that ask you to fill the pages on your own. It’s broken down into seasons, comes with an index so you can skip ahead, has little prompts to get you going, and has a nice little ribbon attached to help you keep your place. There’s even a website where you can commiserate with others.

I decided I want to start in the week prior to the New Year. I peeked inside and the first list is “goals and dreams for this year”, so I thought it would make sense to think ahead, before the year starts up. Once I’ve finished filling in the pages — there are two, each with about 15 lines about 4 inches in length — I’m gonna upload an image of the finished product. I don’t think any of my goals are terribly compromising or private, so it shouldn’t be an issue. I’m gonna do my best not to skip ahead, but it’s agony!

Play along?

What are your goals and dreams for 2017?


About RicoChey

I'm just an unmarried, childless, thirty-something high school dropout with big ideas and a small attention span. Weave drunkenly behind me as I meander through my own life: a winding path of musings on life, relationships, food, the few politics I can stomach discussing, and probably really dumb stuff like the ratio of Sex and the City episodes wherein Carrie does and does not appear to be wearing extensions.
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