52 Lists Project | List 1: “Goals & Dreams”

First list of 2017! As discussed in my starter post for this series, I decided to use the last week of 2016 to delineate my goals for 2017. It seemed the logical approach. And here they are!

I started off with a kind of rigid idea about how I was going to bullet-point my ambitions for the year, and ended up needing something much looser and more silly. You can see where things changed course on page one. I almost didn’t post this image, at least not without some bits blurred out. In the end, I decided nothing is too personal. Let’s dive in!


Get credit score to 650. Like a lot of people these days, my credit score isn’t stellar. That’s not to say I’ve been an irresponsible loaner; I just haven’t loaned at all. The only debt I’ve ever had is a couple spots of emergency room debt, and nothing else. No cars, no homes, no university. When the only hit to your credit is an ER bill, it doesn’t do you any favors. Thusly, I estimate my credit score at a wimpy 550, and intend to beef it up a full 100 points over the next calendar year. Is that feasible? I don’t even know. I just liked the idea. So, I guess I’ll be getting a credit card and treating it with care since I have no interest in any other kind of debt. Fun Fact: In purple, you’ll see the phrase “SuJESStion: Capital One”; Jess is my friend who adults at high speed and reports back to me with her experiences, so that I may adult at a far more leisurely place in her wake.

Fit into plaid skinnys. Skinnies? It’s not a real word, what’s the grammar rule on this one? Anyhoo, in a previous blog I talked about a pair of pants I’d like to wear again someday. I plan to use cycling, dancing (with my Kinect, I’m not actually fabulous), and hula hoop my way to better shape.

One New Recipe Monthly Self-explanatory. I just got two great cookbooks by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and I’m dyin’ to try some new things.

Medical Shit: Let’s break this one down. Ο upper endoscopy I had one canceled after I realized what the copay was; I just didn’t feel like it was a desperate enough need to warrant the cost at the time. Then I had my accident six months later and I just burned right out on trying to get it done. Now I’m just too embarrassed to call back and say I changed my mind! Guess I better suck it up? Ο ortho follow-up I was in an accident on my bike this summer and suffered an AC separation to my left shoulder. I just have to go do a follow-up to make sure there isn’t a corrective surgery in my future. Ο bilateral saplingectomy I’m having my fallopian tubes removed. I’ll expand upon this decision in future blogs, but it’s as simple as never wanting children. Ο get a dentist Yeah… I hate dentists… haven’t had one since childhood. Ο new Rx lenses, all pairs I do this every year like clockwork anyway, but usually I blow out and buy a new set of frames I don’t need, so this time I’m taming my urges and ONLY updating the prescriptions in my three existing frames. All Ray-Ban, baby!!

Español I want to try again. Thanks to Duolingo‘s free comprehensive language learning service, I can definitely achieve this goal! (You’re welcome for free advertising, Duolingo.)

$$Moving$$ This just means I wanna try to keep my savings up, for the future prospect of moving again. I either want to leave this side of town, the entire city, or the entire state. Whatever calls to me at the time.

$16/hr. Self-explanatory. This is just the next wage I want. I just took a small promotion, so I’m not far from this goal at the moment. I have other, less money-driven professional goals, but this is most important right now. This is something I considered blurring out, but as I believe passionately that wage distribution is severely skewed in this country, I feel it is important to be candid about where I am.

50 Books I don’t think this one is gonna happen, but I’d like to see how close I can get. I don’t read enough anymore.

Two Social Events Per Month I don’t go out really. I come up with excuses or just don’t answer people when they ask. I need to work on that.

Muscle Groups ◊shoulders ◊butt ◊thighs ◊biceps ◊calves ◊chest ◊back I’m a squishy foopa! Just wanna start focusing on body strength. Not sure where I’m gonna start, this is in no way my area of expertise.

$5k My savings took a hit after my accident, so this is just a general first-tier goal for money I want set aside and ready to act.

Talk to a Therapist I don’t really want to, but everyone keeps bugging me to try it. So… ya know… we’ll see.

Fill a sketch book. I can’t prove it very well, but I used to be wicked with a pencil. I want to get back to that, so I think sketching daily is the way. I’ll be uploading my efforts to Instagram with the hashtag #sketchaday.

2nd Bike I have my first bike, my SE Draft, but it’s a clunker I’d like to sell off, so I don’t count it to my arsenal. I love my Raleigh, but he’s quickly becoming a commuter, not a speed machine. I think it would be fun to invest in a racing bike, and maybe also a mountain bike, because I’d like to get into that as well. All the cool kids have multiple bikes, brah.

VEGAN 365 This is a very important goal that requires me to confess to weakness and hypocrisy. Veganism is very important to me, but I have not been the best vegan I can be. My goal for 2017 is to be #veganasfuck every. single. day. This will be difficult, and I will have to be clever about household products and general services, but I will continue to live by my all-time favorite quote: “Veganism isn’t about being perfect; it’s about doing the very best you can.” As with a lot of things I like to chronicle on Instagram, I will be using a corresponding hashtag on this journey: #vegan365

52 BLOGS I want to blog weekly! I want to learn more about efficient blogging in general, and the best way to learn is to do. One down!

Tattoo Ooooh, I’ll have to do a whole blog on why this one is an issue, but I think 2017 needs to be the year I do or die on whether to ink up.

The Cell This is the working title of a manuscript I’d like to finish, once for all, so that it can stop keeping me up at night.

Vlogging Trials/Buy a real camera. I really, really, really wanna YouTube. This is a very general way to explain this goal, but I’m sure I’ll be expanding on it soon.

Try MTB This is an acronym for mountain biking, and I wanna get into that. I have a friend who does it, so he’s gonna have to guide me, but he’s also really moody and impatient, so this might turn into a pain in my ass.

Read only books by women; music by women; comedy, television, and movies by women. I have decided 2017 will be my most woman-centric year. This means exploring all media created by women. I’ll have to blog about this separately as well. It’ll be difficult sometimes, considering how male-saturated books, TV, and movies are, but hey, that’s the point.

LOCAL♥ This is just a general goal to pump more money into my local economy. Essentially this means I’d like to be less dependent on the internet for shopping, and when I go out to eat, I’d like to make sure it’s not at a chain, unless it’s a chain I really believe in, or a local family-run franchise. When you invest in your community, your community invests in you. I’m going to let my Amazon Prime account renew itself again for 2017 (because, damn, it can be useful in a pinch), but I’d like to be less dependent on it for products and explore more of its utility as a place to find music, movies, TV shows, electronic literature, and aspiring new authors.

NO Added Sugar Sugar is poison. End of story. I’m halving it in dessert recipes (I love baking, that will be so hard to stop doing), and giving it up in purchased products like coffee and quick snacks. When I stopped drinking soda in 2012, it changed my life. May as well turn by back on all the other sugar!

Reduce plastic. Plastic is also poison. There are so many small ways we can reduce our plastic waste. I’m going to spend 2017 learning ways to keep my wallet away from plastic waste. I may also devote a blog to this. Yay, blog ideas!

Non-Fiction I don’t read non-fiction. Like ever. It bores me. I want to change that. For every two fiction books, I’d like to read a biography or a reference text. I think that’s a fair goal.

Age up wardrobe. I just got my first-ever promotion to a position that does not require a uniform! I hardly know what to do with myself, this is such a valuable opportunity to evolve my style. Aaaw, yeaaah. However, I will still be punk as fuck. Don’t worry.

Read the news! I tend to avoid current events. It overwhelms me. This year I need to change that, and it’s gonna suck, because I have no idea where to start.

#selfieaday I won a selfie stick at a White Elephant office party and I really wanna figure out how people do those fun compilation videos where they took a picture everyday. I think I have an idea but… nothing is as simple as it seems.

Facebook Breaks I save this for last because I believe it to be the most important. As of 31 December, I removed all of the Facebook apps and bookmarks from my devices, and took a long-needed step back. I believe Facebook has brought a lot of toxicity into my life, and it’s time I learned to live without it. I will definitely be blogging about this, because it’s already affecting me.


There you have it! Wish me luck, tune in for full blogs on these subjects, and let me in on your own goals for the new year!


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I'm just an unmarried, childless, thirty-something high school dropout with big ideas and a small attention span. Weave drunkenly behind me as I meander through my own life: a winding path of musings on life, relationships, food, the few politics I can stomach discussing, and probably really dumb stuff like the ratio of Sex and the City episodes wherein Carrie does and does not appear to be wearing extensions.
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1 Response to 52 Lists Project | List 1: “Goals & Dreams”

  1. Nonfiction: Read Wild, by Cheryl Strayed. Seriously. Also, essay collections by Nora Ephron and Carrie Fisher. These lovelies will change your nonfiction world.

    I’d love to follow your discoveries and suggestions on reducing plastic and added sugar. One of my goals is to rid my life of high fructose corn syrup (which happens to be in everyfuckinthingever), and after that to begin on sugar. I do really well with reducing what baking recipes call for, but that’s not difficult because most require about double of what’s necessary.

    Best wishes on your goals. You’re awesome!

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