52 Lists Project | List 4: “Playlist of Your Life Right Now”

I can’t with this list. What is this even supposed to mean? I am so frustrated. Clearly, this is a list for a mentally stable person who is consistently the same individual from sun up to sun down. I wake up wishing I were dead and end the day on a manic high just before crashing again and going to sleep hopeless. There is no soundtrack to any one time of my life, anymore than there is a soundtrack to my life as a whole. All I could think to do was jot down things I like to hear until I ran out of space, and I didn’t even chip away the point of the iceberg.

To hell with this list.


About RicoChey

I'm just an unmarried, childless, thirty-something high school dropout with big ideas and a small attention span. Weave drunkenly behind me as I meander through my own life: a winding path of musings on life, relationships, food, the few politics I can stomach discussing, and probably really dumb stuff like the ratio of Sex and the City episodes wherein Carrie does and does not appear to be wearing extensions.
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