52 Lists Project | List 7: “All the People who Brighten Your Day”

I resent this list. No matter how you write it, someone is gonna cry about it.


Friends & Family, including those found on Social Media.

Daniel • Mom & Dad • Natasha & Brenda • Jessica & Zach • Emory • Kathy & Tami • 2Chey • Khamryn • Steve • Melody & Vegas • Kimmy • Iris • Rachel • Joann, Valorie, Susan, & Other Work Friends • Shanna, Betty, & Other Iowa Friends • Danica, who I didn’t include initially because she also abandoned Facebook and I keep thinking she’s dead!

Bartenders and baristas who give me extra shit.

Brave and beautiful strangers who advocate justice.

Socially conscious celebrities like J.K. Rowling, Sarah Silverman (and her fellow feminist comics like Jen Kirkman, Nikki Glaser, Liz Miele, Rachel Feinstein, etc., who I realize are all White and now I’m angry because Black comedians are still getting stiffed), and Leonardo DiCaprio, who is my hero and my first love forever and ever.

Garth Brooks, who is talented, genuine, and silly.

The casts of all my favorite shows and movies, whom I follow on social media or read about on imdb.com because I wish we were all best friends.

Stand up comedians, whom I already mentioned briefly, who talk about real life in raw, brutally hilarious ways and don’t forgive themselves or society for being a fucking joke.

Gifted, inspired pioneers of animal conservation like Jim & Jamie Dutcher, whom you can get to know through their most notable documentary, Wolves at Our Door.

Passionate feminist warriors, male and female, men and women, girls and boys, who don’t give the rest of us a bad name.

Liberal celebrities who don’t sell out.

Authors like J. Daniel Sawyer, who hosts The Everyday Novelist, and continues to answer my listener questions on the air.

Seth MacFarlane, who created Family Guy, the reruns of which always make me feel better.

Vegan pioneers, who aren’t discouraged by the constant hurdles between the present day and a potentially vegan future.

Small business owners.

Kindly bus drivers.

Anyone who sells chocolate and wine.


About RicoChey

I'm just an unmarried, childless, thirty-something high school dropout with big ideas and a small attention span. Weave drunkenly behind me as I meander through my own life: a winding path of musings on life, relationships, food, the few politics I can stomach discussing, and probably really dumb stuff like the ratio of Sex and the City episodes wherein Carrie does and does not appear to be wearing extensions.
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